Lin Halliday Memorial Video

With interviews by the folks who brought him back into the high light. Bob Koester 'Delmark Records', Neil Tesser 'MilesAhead', Ira Sullivan, Eric Alexander and Brad Goode.

Kumpo De Medina

A video promotional tool documenting the Senegal West African fishing village teen troupe of traditional singers, drummers and dancers Koump De Median as they prepared for tour; raised money through performances and workshops; and starting an internet café business from computer equipment and training donated by European sponsors. May 1999

Yabous Productions World Music Festival / Bradley Williams and his Original 21st Century Musical Review - Jerusalem Tour.

Documentation of Bradley Williams’ performance and participation in a shared educational learning experience, created as a worldwide statement for peace by the Palestinian concert promotions group, Yabous Productions located in Ramala & Jersulaem, Israel. March 1999

James Gavin & Spider Saloff

Book release performance for "Deep In A Dream" at Chicago' Green Mill. 2002

Von Freeman / CD Release Performances

Premonition Records making of Von Freeman "The Improvisor" Green Mill and New Apartment Lounge performances. 2002

Woman in Jazz

What it is to be a Woman in Jazz a 25 minute video doc-u-view of 12 leading ladies from Chicago's jazz scene in 1999… talking about what it took mentally and emotionally to own their talents. March 1999

John McLean

John McLean "Guitar Madness" Toys for Tots Benefit at the Green Mill. December 2001