Kevin Stout & Brian Booth 5

The color wheel of instrumental sounds is large and vast. Much like mixing paints on a pallet, unique new timbers and colors emerge when combining different instruments together. In order to be effective, a proper balance and blend between the instruments is essential to achieving the ultimate in a new color of sound. Believe it or not, a very special quality is arrived at when the sound of a trombone and a tenor saxophone are melded together. The combination of sounds played absolutely in tune and perfectly blended produce a musical hue that we at Jazzed5 Records refer to as the “saxobone.” When you hear it you’ll understand just how special it is.

Las Vegas trombonist Kevin Stout and Salt Lake tenor saxophonist Brian Booth have been producing CD’s on their own “Jazzed5″ record label since 2002. Their unique jazz style coupled with the “saxobone” sound is sure to please. Be sure to check out the samples on the discography page.

A Brief History:
Kevin and Brian’s history dates back to their high school days at Cottonwood High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, and also for a short time together at the University of Utah. During the late seventies, divergent paths sent Kevin and Brian to establish their musical careers in different cities. Kevin relocated to Las Vegas where he has done well as a regular fixture in the Las Vegas music scene. Brian remained in the Salt Lake area where he found his own musical niche. After several years, a Cottonwood High School jazz ensemble reunion concert brought Kevin and Brian together again. At that time, Brian was helping the personnel manager for the Grand Teton Music Festival field a full big band as part of the concert series. Brian asked Kevin to join him as part of the band in Jackson Hole, Wyoming that Summer. Fortunately, Kevin was available, having just come off the road from a seven-year stint with the Four Freshmen. As it turned out, the Grand Teton Music Festival gig also became a week-long hang in Jackson Hole and Teton National Park. It also became a yearly event which Kevin and Brian enjoy to this day. The idea to record their own CD’s was conceived while on a hike up Cascade Canyon in the Tetons during the summer of 2001. Jazzed5 Records was established shortly thereafter, and was created for the purpose of recording and producing the music of Kevin Stout and Brian Booth. .

Good Pals:

In 2002, the newly-formed Jazzed5 Records successfully released Kevin and Brian’s first CD, Good Pals. Thanks to the efforts of a fine team, Good Pals was able to climb the Jazz Week chart and ultimately reached number 23. The compositions of Good Pals feature several different styles including main-stream straight-ahead jazz and several different latin grooves. Many of the compositions use a tried and true method that traces back to the traditions established by the be-bop masters of the late ’40’s and early ’50’s, mainly being the writing of new melodies over the borrowed changes of favorite standards and jazz tunes. Kevin and Brian had as much fun naming the compositions as they did writing them. The brilliant cover art for the Good Pals CD was lovingly produced by Kevin’s wife Linda, and depicts Kevin and Brian as instrument playing octopuses.

Up Jazz Creek:

Feeling a need to capitalize on their recent success, Kevin and Brian went to work on their next CD. The same formula that seemed to work well for Good Pals was implemented, and Up Jazz Creek was released in 2003. Thanks to the efforts of the returning Good Pals team, Up Jazz Creek enjoyed a lot of airplay, and climbed to number 35 on the Jazz Week chart. Kevin and Brian were pleased that their first two releases were able to crack the top 40. Once again, the lovely Linda Stout created some colorful and imaginative cover art that is unique and beautiful. Kevin and Brian are depicted as orangutans.

Tales of the Tetons:

2004 brought about the release of their third CD, Tales of the Tetons. Throughout the history of Jazzed5 Records, the Grand Tetons and Grand Teton National Park have been a source of inspiration to both Kevin and Brian. Tales of the Tetons was released in conjunction with the 75th anniversary of the founding of Grand Teton National Park. Kevin and Brian wrote and produced Tales of the Tetons as a way to pay homage to the inspiring scenery and overall beauty of the Jackson Hole area. The Musical Moose on the cover, and the Indian Paintbrush on the back panel of the CD are another testament of the creative and artistic ability of the lovely and gracious Linda Stout. Once again, she knocked it out of the ball park!

Color Country:

After a long hiatus, Kevin and Brian are finally in production of the long-awaited Color Country CD. Most of the music for this up-coming CD has been written for several years. All of the charts were written to reflect the beauty and grandeur of the national parks and monuments of southern Utah, and some of the other prominent geologic and historic features associated with this amazing part of God’s creation. Color Country is totally different from anything that Jazzed5 Records has released to date. Kevin and Brian wanted to bring a lot of color into their music, so several “colors” including soprano sax, alto flute, flute, guitar, and a menagerie of latin auxiliary percussion instruments, have been added to highlight the name of the CD. A deeper level of arranging, composing, and production will be evident upon the hearing of this new work.