Speak in Tones

The Speak in Tones debut release "Subaro" is the result of a three year collaboration between two New York based artists: percussionist, composer, producer, Daniel Moreno and saxophonist, composer, producer Mike Ellis who along with the generous help of sound man Sharif produced and co-lead a two year series of Thursday night concert/multi-media events(2002-2004) at the New York underground haven "56 Walker Street"* with top Modern Jazz, World, Urban-Afrobeat, West African, and Latino musicians as well as a host of dancers, action painters and video artists.

The culmination of this series of approximately one hundred concerts was an invitation by the "Mercado Cultural"** in Salvador do Bahia for Moreno to showcase a group of his choice featuring himself and Cheick Tidiane Seck, to which he responded by bringing a group comprised of regular participants in the "Speak in Tones" series as well as musicians from Mali and Bahia. This presentation was followed by a recording co-produced for AlphaPocket Records by Mike Ellis and Daniel Moreno, also in Salvador.

Besides the artists present on the CD some of the regulars included: Bruce Cox, Jojo Kwo, Phoenix Rivera, Fred "Catfish" Alias, Jun Saito: drums, Brian Carrott: vibes, Adam Holzman, Alan Palmer, Marc Cary, Cynthia Hilts: keyboards, Curtis Lundy, Taurus Mateen, Carlo Derosa : bass, Duane Eubanks, Kenny Davis, Greg Glasman: trumpet, Josh Roseman, Noah Bless: trombone, Frank Lowe, J.D. Allen, Avram Fefer: tenor saxophone, Gino Sitson, J.D. Walters, Imani Izuri, Lavida, Kyra: vocals..some surprise guests included Roswell Rudd, Vincent Chancey, George Braith, David Gilmore, Chiqui Ortiz, Francis M'Bappe, Brice Wassy and many more.

* This underground venue is no longer, but Speak in Tones still performs regularly; check out www.speakintones.com. It is also important to note the “Speak in Tones” series was preceded by the "Walker Street Jam" series (1998-2001) produced by Daniel Moreno.

**In particular we owe a big THANK YOU to Bira Reis without whom nothing would have been possible on the Brazilian side of this saga.