South Nine Ensemble

The South Nine Ensemble is committed to keeping the rich tradition of jazz alive and at the forefront of the music industry. Our primary goal is to take elements of the traditional big band and small ensemble and combine the two into one. South Nine Ensemble will continue to play music from the standard repertoire list but also will move forward by playing original music written by members of the ensemble.

Here's what people are saying...

"The Llama is full of great tunes, arrangements and a first rate performance from everyone involved - high energy from these outstanding young musicians, yet everyone plays with a lot of feeling and soul."

-Randy Brecker

"It's nice to hear good music these days. I enjoyed listening to your CD very much. This CD has great musicians and great music which is an awesome combination! Once again, congratulations South Nine Ensemble. Keep up the good work and keep your passion to keep music alive, we all appreciate it."

- Arturo Sandoval

“This is a group with enormous creativity, musicianship, and a unique sound that intersects the sonic impact of a big band yet has the communicative qualities of a small group. You owe it to yourself to check out the South 9 ensemble and look out because they are fabulous!”

- Rob Parton, JAZZTECH Big Band