Rebecca Coupe Franks

CHECK THE BOX is a narration of my life over the last two years and reflects the life-changing, most humbling loss of my beloved father. The songs melodically sound out in styles of latin jazz, blues, hard bop and vocal pop. This album is my first album release where I debut my own lead vocal on four tracks. Doing as my father suggested and singing my own songs.

The Players:

Rebecca Coupe Franks: Trumpet , Flugelhorn, Trombone, Vocals and Hand Percussion.

Luis Perdomo: Keyboards and Hammond B3 organ. I was one of the first people Luis played music with in NYC around fifteen years ago upon his arrival from Venezula. I hoped to record with him after I sat in with Ravi Coltrane's group in Carmel,California..

Mary Ann McSweeney: Bass. Having grown up and played in orchestra and jazz ensembles together in Aptos, California, Mary Ann and I have kept in touch throughout the years. Yet I had never recorded with her before this album. What a joy!

Richie Morales: Drums. Richie did a fabulous job on my original songs here.

Summer Corrie : Vocals and Lead vocal on tracks#3, 6, 12. Summer was a student of mine who was learning piano to be able to accompany herself on vocals. This is her first studio recording debut .

This album is dedicated to my father.

" PAJ "
Father my gift to you is my heart, humbly open wide
embrace the child yearning inside
Days have gone on like before
in and out the door .
I've spent my life searching for
the tangible love I could feel once more.
Maybe this trip you will see me
not hide from my stubborn longing to hold on to our memories.
We sit together hold each others hand time passes by
slowly we say goodbye.

©2010 RCF Records / RCF Publishing (ASCAP)
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lyrics and music written by Rebecca Coupe Franks