The Rhythm of Invention

Going for Adds June 7, 2019 - FILE: Latin Jazz
Suggested Tracks: Wayne’s: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 / Kate’s: 5,6,7,8,10
On his previous album, the critically adored Canto América, Wayne Wallace broke with his own tradition to co-lead a chamber orchestra featuring horns, winds, a double string quartet, and an array of vocalists. On The Rhythm of Invention Wallace set an equally ambitious goal: to combine these added resources with his Latin Jazz Quintet, whose albums have garnered three of Wallace’s four previous GRAMMY nominations.

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Chez Nous

Going for Adds June 7, 2019 - FILE: Jazz Vox
Rebecca DuMaine is a singer with a warm and mellifluous voice and the chops to swing like crazy. Her phrasing and articulation are as intimate as a conversation between friends. For DuMaine, music is an anodyne that can soothe during troubled times. Happy Madness, the fourth CD on Summit Records by DuMaine and the Dave Miller Trio, is a paean to the redemptive powers of music. DuMaine re-interprets songs by the great 20th century composers, but she doesn't limit herself to one genre or style of music. She also re-imagines Latin and pop tunes, and includes one delightfully unexpected novelty tune, as well.

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  REBEKAH VICTORIA Songs of the Decades
Going for Adds June 21, 2019 - FILE: Jazz Vox
Suggested Tracks: 1, 5, 6, 8/ Latin: 2, 4, 7
Jazz vocalist Rebekah Victoria mines 20th century songs for 21st century sounds and meaning on Songs of the Decades, her new recording. Victoria collaborates with acclaimed trombonist, composer-arranger and bandleader Wayne Wallace and an assemblage of two-dozen musicians (including guest vocalist Kenny Washington) for a panorama of songs from each decade of the 20th century.

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Going for Adds July 12, 2019 - FILE: Jazz
An active performer of jazz and classical piano music, Luke Gillespie is the recipient of numerous awards, including best performance from the Indianapolis Star in 1993, the 1990 Copland Piano Concerto Competition at Indiana University, and the 1994 Indianapolis Jazz Festival Competition.

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  JOHN LAMKIN II Transitions
Going for Adds July 26, 2019 - FILE: Jazz
Formerly the Director of Bands and the Coordinator of Music Education at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, John Lamkin, II, received his Bachelor's Degree from South Carolina University, his Masters from Morgan State University and his Doctorate from the University of Maryland College Park. All degrees in Music Education.

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Going for Adds August 2, 2019 - FILE: Jazz Vox
Jazz vocalist Gretje Angell grew up in smoky, dimly-lit clubs as a little-girl roadie for her jazz-drummer father. Her grandfather was also a jazz drummer, so you could say Gretje was born to swing. “If it doesn’t groove then I don’t give it a sh*#,” the Los Angeles-based singer says with a good chuckle.

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Going for Adds May 3, 2019
FILE: Jazz
- Suggested Track: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7
Guitarist Dave Stryker's Eight Track III, features Stefon Harris on vibraphone, Jared Gold on organ and McClenty Hunter on drums as they burn through Stryker's hip jazz arrangements of classic 70's hits.

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  Yamit and The Vinyl Blvd Ain’t Misbehavin
Going for Adds May 3, 2019
FILE: Jazz
Vox - Suggested Track: 4, 7, 10, 11
Jazz ensemble brainchild of vocalist and violinist Yamit Lemoine. Elegant, classy and glamorous, the band has a vintage sound, look, and feel that transports audiences back in time.

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  STEVE SLAGLE Spirit Calls
Going for Adds March 1, 2019
Alto saxophonist Steve Slagle expands his discography with this premiere recording featuring his talent on the flute. A project long time coming, he demonstrates that he is not merely a “doubler” on the instrument but rather transcends new levels by exploring a variety of styles from a range of great composers chosen specifically for this project. Starting with Dvorák and his folk melody “Goin’ Home” (written in 1897), next stepping up to Jobim’s most challenging piece, “Luiza”, soldiering on and not slowing down with an energetic rendition of the rarely performed “De Drums” by Keith Jarrett, the collection finally culminates with Coltrane’s later period (1967) composition “Expression”. Along with other recognizable pieces and also a few original compositions, there is much to be savored in this ten-piece program.

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  BILL COLE & GERALD VEASLEY - Still Breathing
BILL COLE & ALEX BLAKE - Still Breathing 2

Going for Adds February 1, 2019
FILE: Jazz Improv
When I watched the video incident involving Eric Garner and the New York City Police, I first saw several policemen agitating Mr. Garner by touching him. All of a sudden a policeman attacked Mr. Garner from behind with a chokehold, and choked him until he was dead. This occured on July 17, 2014. While he was being choked you can hear Mr. Garner saying “I can’t breathe” several times. It was clear to me that he had been murdered. Then the Grand Jury of Staten Island, a borough of New York City, cleared the policeman of any wrongdoing. When I heard of this decision by the Staten Island Grand Jury my mind flashed back to all the killings of unarmed African American men by the police over the years in America - not only the killings by the police, but the fact that the killers were exonerated.

This is the same process that began during the time African American people were enslaved in this country. This Process of killing us by agents of the government or even private citizens has never ended. That is why I wanted to create a musical work to say that we’re STILL BREATHING. -Bill Cole

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  JACK MOUSE GROUP Intimate Adversary
Going for Adds October 31, 2018
FILE: Jazz - Suggested Tracks: 1, 2, Latin: 3, 4, Out: 8, 9
The Jack Mouse Group is poised to release Intimate Adversary, the latest of Jack’s recordings. Three Story Sandbox (2016, Tall Grass Records) featured free improvisations with Scott Robinson and Janice Borla, and was selected as a February 2016 "Editor's Pick" by DownBeat Magazine. Snakeheads & Ladybugs (2015, Tall Grass Records) offered freely improvised duets with multi-instrumentalist Scott Robinson. Range of Motion (2012, Origin Records) presented Jack’s original compositions and received extensive international radio airplay, including five weeks on the Jazz Week Top 50 Chart and nine weeks on the CMJ Top 40 Chart, and garnered many rave reviews. Jack can also be heard on an array of other albums, including some Janice Borla Group and Dan Haerle Trio recordings.

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