Mike Ferro


All Love is Mike Ferro singing a collection of lyrically haunting songs starting with the title tune, by Babik Reinhardt, son of the immortal genius gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, and ending with the optimistic beauty of “Bridges”, by the wonderful Brazilian composer and singer Milton Nascimento.

In between are songs by Alex North, John McLaughlin, Henry Mancini, Luiz Eca, Bob Dogan, and others.

The instrumentation ranges from duets with voice and piano, guitar, or synths, to orchestral settings with horns and string.

Though the shifting sonic colors vary throughout, they are bound together by a sense of timelessness and beauty.



Townsound is a band of musicians who have come up playing in rock, country, funk, punk, Brazilian, jazz, Latin, and blues bands around Chicago, and have all these sounds whirling around in their brains as points of reference for improvisation and serious groove making.

They don’t just mix and match styles. They play the hell out of them.

Mike Ferro fronts the band, singing his songs as well as original lyrics to the music of composers as varied as Thelonious Monk, Wayne Shorter, Django Reinhardt, friends, and other fellow Townsound members, all reinterpreted into fresh and contemporary rhythms.

Most importantly, it’s a band with a sense of humor, that has a great time playing together, and you can hear it in their music.

Give a listen. You’ll like it.