Mike Ellis
  "Chicago Spontaneous Combustion Suite" is the first in a series of completely improvised recordings which includes "The Shaman's Dance", "Invite the unexpected", and Speak in Tones' "Suabaro". This recording was done in late 2000 and is my way of tipping my hat to the plethora of unrecognized talent in Chicago.

Putting the band on the spot and having fun no holds barred is what it's all about. There were no rehearsals and very little discussed before or during the recording.

I've been collaborating with the trumpet player Jeff Beer for twenty years starting with my first CD release in 1985 the now out of print "What else is New" we first met playing with Alan Silva's Celestrial Communications Orchestra in the early 80's in Paris.

He is truly wonderful artist and extremely well rounded composer who has continued to produce great music against all odds as permanent fixture of the Chicago underground. Ryan Shultz is one the world's only vituoso bass trumpet players and is a versatile participant on a diversity

of Chicago musical scenes. Larry Kohut is party to a small list of first call Chicago bass players and is a force to be reckoned with. Damon Short originally from New Orleans is a great drummer and an exceptional composer in his own right and is very active on the Chicago Avant Garde scene. I thank Jeff for introducing to these extraordinary musicians.

The inspiration is definitely coming from the Avant Garde … The Art Ensemble, Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton come to mind.