Jeff Denson Quartet

Jeff Denson's new quartet, featuring the eminent composer/bassist/educator with pianist Dan Zemelman, drummer Alan Hall and the world's premier improvising bassoonist, the Grammy-nominated Paul Hanson, will be touring both nationally and internationally behind the soon to-be-released Ridgeway Records album, Concentric Circles.

Denson’s music pushes through the boundaries of conventions in music. By inventively mixing the world of composed and improvised music, Jeff Denson creates a unique language of his own, where intoxicating melodies and rhythms transport the listener away to unknown lands where vivid hues of tone paint the aural canvas of the inner ear.

The music is steeped in the jazz tradition, where the propulsive rhythms are the heartbeat of the music and the musicians are master improvisers of harmonic structures, song forms, and melodic invention. Where the music diverges from the jazz tradition and creates its unique fingerprint is in the handling of the juxtaposition of the composed and improvised material, the roles and uses of the instruments within the compositions, unique instrumentation itself, its musical forms and the unmistakably memorable melodic language of Jeff Denson. The strength of the melodies transcend genre or idiomatic leanings and plant themselves in the ears of the listeners, leaving them singing them long after the music has stopped.

• Unique instrumentation of bassoon, bowed double bass & voice as the main melodic voices
• Focusing on Denson’s original rich and melodic, cinema-esque original compositions
• Virtuosic use of the bowed double bass
• The world's premiere improvising jazz bassoonist, Paul Hanson

Jeff Denson Quartet includes:
Paul Hanson, Bassoon
Dan Zemelman, piano
Alan Hall, drums
Jeff Denson, double bass, vocals & compositions