Gregory Hickman-Williams

“Gregory’s phenomenal voice was tragically stilled much too soon, literally on the eve of a breakthrough debut, but not before the voice was captured in his hypnotic CD – Passages.” – Sharon Valleau, JAM Magazine

The week before his CD release party in March 2006, Gregory went into the hospital where he would remain until he died after twenty-three weeks in need of a heart transplant and fighting for his life. As he bounced back from one calamity after another, the doctors came to call him the “miracle patient.”

“Gregory lived a life as a exceptional as his voice, forsaking the mundane sensibilities of personal property, pension and social approval to follow an extraordinary dream, a relentless pursuit of vocal excellence. Imagine Don Quixote traveling through the world armed with a magnificent, magical voice with near supernatural tonality. Gregory’s quest would take him from coaching studios in Oakland and Fantasy Records, to New York cabaret, musical theatre, and the famed Opera Ebony, to Barcelona, Spain, Israel, and a little villa near Florence, Italy to study with Gino Bechi, one of opera’s greatest baritones.

In the end, Gregory’s heart gave out, but not before he gave every ounce of the great compassion it held to the life he embraced with it. His passages were marked with achievements too few will ever know, and unforgettable traces of grace.” - Sharon Valleau, JAM Magazine.