Eugenie Jones

"Some people speak of dreaming in color. I’d say I dream in jazz and wake the next morning with lyrics and arrangements in my head. Here – in front of microphone and behind a pen - sharing those dreams with others – is where I feel most at home.”

Eugenie Jones first appeared on the jazz scene in Seattle, WA. Audiences raved over her sound and described her uniquely sultry voice as one that they could listen to all night.

"I never imagined myself growing up and someday singing before audiences. My undergrad and graduate degrees are in business and I've spent the bulk of my professional life in marketing and business development.

In my mind my mother was the singer in our family. As my Father directed Sunday morning choirs, her soprano voice rung out over all others and was a constant backdrop around our house.

She lived the last years of her life with me and after I lost her to cancer, over time I found myself more and more missing the sound of her singing filling the rooms of our home and hearts. That longing led me to explore my own ability as a singer and to ask myself, "I wonder if I can.....?"

Seeking an answer to that question led me to Seattle's jazz community, voice coaching with the incomparable Greta Matassa and connection to musicians such as Darin Clendenin, Randy Halberstadt and Bill Anschell. Most importantly, seeking solace and self-discovery lead me to the realization that I have a voice and the heart to share it.

I know you're in heaven smiling at me Mom; likely saying, "I knew it all along."