Mary Anne Anderson

When I was an infant, my mother played her big band records so much that by the time I had grown up, this music integrated into the whole of my being. My Aunt Ann told me recently that when I was three years old, the family often cleared off the coffee table for me to stand on and sing my songs, embellished with bows, curtseys and flourishes. I suppose itís what I was always meant to do.

I affectionately dedicate "Rendezvous" to my late Aunt Bunny, Isabelle Marie Haupt Dudley, who always made me feel special, and whose parting gift allowed me to pursue this project, which stems from the deepest part of me. It is steeped in the jazz tradition, but also includes many of the musical influences of my life and travels - - the panache of the French chansons and the fluid rhythm of Brazilian songs.

I first heard Los Angeles veteran guitarist DOUG MACDONALD playing with a jazz combo in Morro Bay, California. I was invited to sit in, and after the thrill of our interaction, I became convinced that we could make a CD together. A first-rate musician, active studio player and accompanist, Doug understands the nuances and challenges of recording a duo album - not an easy task.

The mellow and soft-spoken STEVE CRIMMEL competently handled the recording in an old creamery that he converted into Painted Sky Studios in a nearby town called Harmony. Mahalo!

Under the guidance of my best girlfriend, well-known jazz violinist SUSIE HANSEN, and with the skills of co-producer ERICH BULLING at the sound board, I was able to refine my recording techniques and performance. Susie and Erich have great ears, and they helped me capture notes that wanted to fly away from me, guiding me with their finesse and precision. Susie remains my closest confident.

I would not be the happy, wholesome, and complete person I am today without the love and devotion of my husband, AMES ANDERSON, a talented musician in his own right. You are my one and only.