The Liberations Music Collective

The Liberation Music Collective is a jazz ensemble dedicated to performing original compositions about contemporary social issues. The Collective made their debut performance in May 2015, and their first studio album, Siglo XXI, was released in August 2015. Since then, the Collective has stayed busy with live performances, workshops, and collaborative projects. A second album is in the works and slated to be released at the end of summer 2017.


The LMC endeavors to be conscientious of social issues both in its musical subject material and in its group dynamics. The Collective aims to be as diverse and non-heirarchical as possible, employing democratic decision-making and collaborative leadership in the band management. The LMC embraces members of different ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds. Every member brings different experiences to the group, but the social commentary occurs as a collective. Our group is a cooperative effort between people who have first-hand experience with injustice and people who are committed accomplices. We believe that our society is diverse and contains a multiplicity of narratives—but that we are stronger when we all come together to address these issues communally.


The LMC’s repertoire is comprised of original compositions by co-founders Matt Riggen and Hannah Fidler. Riggen and Fidler’s compositions are grounded in the jazz cannon, but draw from a plurality of genres present in America, including hip-hop, Afro-Cuban music, Sacred Harp hymns, Islamic liturgy, and post-modern classical music. Riggen and Fidler seek to create a unique, boundary-defying sound that reflects life in the 21st century.


The LMC brings a fresh 21st-century approach to the tradition of protest music in jazz. Following in the footsteps of Charlie Haden, Max Roach, Charles Mingus, and many others, the Collective draws on the strengths of its members to create focused statements about contemporary life and culture. By focusing on social issues and embracing many styles within a jazz context, the Collective hopes to bring jazz back into the socially provocative music of our era. We believe that art should reflect life, and our work seeks to reflect the important cultural conversations of our era with thought-provoking musical narrative. When a big band of young musicians comes together for a common purpose, something truly creative, contemporary, and diverse is created.

We have been privileged to work with so many amazing people in the Collective. Our extended family of dedicated musicians includes the following:

* TRUMPETS: Matt Riggen, Jess Henry, Jane Sycks, Joe Anderson, Tim Fogarty, Adam Marchand, Cean Robinson
* TROMBONES: Brennan Johns, Miró Sobrer, Matthew Waterman, Felipe Brito, John Sorsen, Sean Weber
* SAXOPHONES: Ana Nelson, Sean Imboden, Evan Drybread, Durand Jones, Matthew Setzler, Sam Motter, Matthew Babineaux, Francesca Hanson, Alex Dura
* GUITAR: Joel Tucker, Kyle Schardt, David Deutsch
* PIANO: Ellie Pruneau, Evan Main, Lianna Gekker
* BASS: Hannah Fidler
* DRUMS: Hannah Johnson, Ben Lumsdaine, Sam Bryson, Rocky Martin, Matt McCarthy
* PERCUSSION/VIBRAPHONE: Yael Litwin, Julian Loida, Kristin Olson, Cole Stover, Patrick Overturf
* VOICE: Durand Jones, Hannah Fidler, Destiny Tucker