Larry Newcomb

In LIVING TRIBUTE, Newcomb pays homage to individuals well known to jazz connoisseurs, and others less prominent who have had an immensely positive impact on his life and on his development as a distinctly intimate jazz guitarist and composer.

Fellow guitarists acknowledge:

“Larry Newcomb’s improvisations are impressive. His single-note lines describe the chord changes brilliantly and completely.”—Bucky Pizzarelli

“Larry’s melodic lines are strong and on the money! He’s in touch with every note he plays in his uniquely original style. In perfect synchronicity with Bucky Pizzarelli’s rhythm playing. Larry means every note he plays. I appreciate his dedication – a positive force.”—Gene Bertoncini

“Larry Newcomb gets a great sound consistently and that isn’t easy. He has terrific talent, and he has mastered the guitar.”—Larry Lucie

“Newcomb is a fine musician with inspiration, dedication and self discipline. He draws from a well-developed set of guitarists’ tools.” --Randy Johnston

“Everyone involved makes the familiar sound brand new. That’s especially true of the leader with this fluid attack and varied phrasing.” --Jon Garelick, DOWNBEAT

Jazz Vocalist Chris Harrison writes: “At last a guitarist who dazzles with his subtlety -- not how many notes he can fit into a bar.

Joe Vincent Tranchina, virtuoso jazz pianist writes: “Larry Newcomb is a thoughtful guitarist; thoughtful in his tone production; thoughtful in his linear approach; thoughtful in his harmonic approach; thoughtful in his compositional approach; and thoughtful in his regard to ever increasing his knowledge and growth. Give a listen and hear.”