Ismael East Carlo

Café con Bagels began with a tip jar on the streets of Silver Lake in Los Angeles, the art city of California. This is where our Provocateur Avant Garde approach to music, spoken word, a dance music was created, what fun!

Provocateur is the product of observation to the injustices brought about because of the inhumanity to man. And as well love, for what is life without love?

Ismael ‘East’ Carlo, a stage, TV, and movie actor with forty years experience has appeared in countless productions in all mediums.

Bobby Matos and Ismael ‘East’ Carlo are transplants of New York City. (Bobby’s from the Bronx, Ismael from Manhattan. ) Bobby’s approach is music, Ismael is more the observer, which is why he became an actor and now dedicates himself to writing. He wrote most of the words on this CD, a good combination, Latin Jazz and spoken word, PROVOCATIVE.

The musicians on this CD brought their talents and contributions by way of creativity and wanting to share their emotions to that that Bobby and Ismael had written. This is what makes this such a different piece of work. It’s raw, it’s real, and it brings elements to which we look for answers, and perhaps there are no answers, but we know the answer by way of our emotions, and that is the beauty of the soul speaking through music, Latin Jazz, Ismael’s and Bobby’s way, with an Avant Garde open mind Provocateur approach.