Cathi Walkup

“Cathi Walkup – A hip and funny vocalist, a savvy songwriter with a gift for socially incisive lyrics... with gorgeous tone, bop-ish rhythms, deftly swinging phrasing and artful use of space... The vocalist conjures up a world lush in ambiance and rich in character.” - Donna Kimura,

Cathi has been described as "The thinking person's jazz singer" and "...a natural comedian" for her wit and ease onstage. In "The Jazz Singers, The Ultimate Guide" (Backbeat Books), respected jazz journalist Scott Yanow proclaimed her "an important bop oriented singer. . . an excellent lyricist."

Jazz singer Cathi Walkup is known not only for her rich, smooth alto and rhythmic approach to phrasing, but also for writing lyrics that are by turns witty and touching. Sometimes crafting melodies as well as lyrics, the long time Bay Area resident has also collaborated with exceptionally fine musicians from the Bay Area and beyond, including Shanna Carlson, Hugo Wainzinger,Benny Watson, Gerry Grosz, David Udolf, and Anita Wardell.

At her Sound Room concert, Cathi will perform songs from her forthcoming book (complete with charts & CD) “Witty, Warm & Wonderful: The Lyrics of Cathi Walkup” These include "Dave Don't Mind the Rain," "Farewell Ms. Moseka" (an homage to Abby Lincoln) "Hang Up & Drive" and the ever-popular "Don't Touch My Biscuit" (a bluesy offering of sage advice).

Performing everywhere from tiny bistros to concert halls and jazz festivals--and even the infamous San Francisco bath houses in the 1980's--Cathi's singing career has taken her to England, Mexico, New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, and, of course, her home base, Oakland, CA.

Cathi has had the honor of playing with Keter Betts, bassist for Ella Fitzgerald for over 20 years, and saxophonist Grover Washington, Jr. Her lyrics have been recorded by noted jazz singers Andrea Wolper, and Benny Watson.