Ann (Ann-ita) Reynolds - Composer, Piano, Vocals.
I began playing music at a young age, starting piano at age 7 and clarinet at 8 years of age. I was, and am, my happiest self when I am playing, composing, or listening to music.

My formal piano study occurred in fits and starts, with self-teaching in between. As a child, I studied both classical and popular music with the neighborhood piano teachers. In college, I received good classical training, studying piano performance, composition, and theory despite the fact that I was a biology major. After college, I pursued a career in molecular biology, but found myself gravitating back to music and to jazz when I moved to Seattle in 1986. By the mid-90s I was performing with my own jazz trio and in big bands.

In 2000 I went to Cuba for the first time and fell in love… with the music and the people. I got tremendous support from the generous teachers in the National School for the Arts. For two weeks each year I had the wonderful experience of being in a top musical conservatory and I blossomed.

By 2004 I was composing pieces and found my lifelong dream. My artistic goal is to compose and perform music representative of my life experience. In recent years, I have discovered my artistry in musical composition and find that people respond to the genuineness and expression in my music.

The first recording of my compositions, Para Cuba Con Amor, will be released in 2014.

You can also hear me playing in the Northwest in the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra and the Latin variety group CocoLoco, of which I am a founding member.